Brookline Wicked Local: Letter to the Editor: Dave Cavell for Congress | Dave Cavell for Congress

Brookline Wicked Local: Letter to the Editor: Dave Cavell for Congress

We, as members of the Brookline PAX board, heartily support Dave Cavell as a candidate for the 4th District of Massachusetts, and we urge you to do the same.

In this race, Dave is the candidate who has fought hardest for the progressive values that are the core of PAX. Dave began his career as a 4th grade public school teacher in the South Bronx where he saw his students face systemic problems and he recognized the need for systemic solutions— this is why Dave went into government, to be a part of creating systemic solutions.

He does not just believe in this work, he has done it: in Massachusetts, as communications aide to Governor Deval Patrick and as senior advisor to Attorney General, Maura Healey, and in Washington, working with the President and First Lady Obama at the White House.

In this tragic pandemic, we have witnessed the toll of failed national leadership in DC. At this critical inflection point for our democracy, we need a committed fighter for the entire 4th District — someone who will work every day to fight for all of us and will not leave anyone behind. That’s Dave. He is a fighter who sued the Trump administration 50 times, who helped put Purdue Pharma out of business, who investigated Exxon Mobil and prevailed against the NRA in court, who helped enforce the strictest gun laws in the nation, and who will continue to work tirelessly to bring climate justice to those most impacted by our environmental degradation.

We also need a leader in the fight against systemic racism, which has plagued this nation since our founding. Other candidates talk a big game about reimagining policing in this country but have chosen not to act when presented with the opportunity. Not Dave. He does not shy away from leading in difficult moments—he understands that’s when we need leadership most. Every crisis we are facing is layered with systemic inequality, which is why Dave addresses the need for intersectional policy on every issue, including climate change, healthcare, transportation, and education. And, as the only teacher on the ballot, Dave has the unique perspective to make his plan for comprehensive Black history education a reality.

Moreover, his demonstrated skill with words matters too: crafting speeches at the White House, he helped translate skepticism for groundbreaking healthcare and environmental policy into public support. That’s why Jon Favreau and Ben Rhodes from Crooked Media and the Pod Save podcasts endorsed Dave. That’s why the only candidate to drop out of this race endorsed Dave. Because Dave is ready for this moment — and he knows how to explain what we need to do.

In this urgent moment, we don’t have time for on-the-job training in Washington—and Dave Cavell is the only candidate who doesn’t need it. While the job would be new for all of those running, the work is not new for him. He’s already worked with key stakeholders in the Commonwealth and in Washington to make progressive ideals a reality. Yes, several candidates have served in elected office, but they have yet to implement the progressive policies they claim to champion.

Electing a Democrat in this true-blue district is the absolute bare minimum but in Dave, we have the opportunity to send a real leader to represent us, one who won’t just vote the right way but will build coalitions, innovate with fresh ideas, and push progressive policies forward. Dave doesn’t just want to have this job; he really wants to do this job.

We invite our neighbors to join us in voting on September 1 for the candidate with unmatched experience, integrity, professionalism, and empathy. Dave Cavell is that candidate.

Regina Healy, Library Trustee and PAX Board

Nancy Heller, Select Board and PAX Board

Chobee Hoy, PAX Board

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