The Sun Chronicle: Fourth congressional district campaign notebook | Dave Cavell for Congress

The Sun Chronicle: Fourth congressional district campaign notebook

Here’s the latest from candidates for the 4th District seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, who is running for Senate. The district includes The Sun Chronicle circulation area.


Jesse Mermell, a Democrat from Brookline, has won the endorsements of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and National Education Association, which represent 110,000 teachers in Massachusetts and more than 3 million nationally.

“Jesse has consistently dedicated her time and energy to strengthening public education,” MTA president Merrie Najimy said. “From standing with educators in the fight to pass the Student Opportunity Act to challenging the state’s high-stakes testing regime, she has prioritized the needs of our students.”

Mermell’s education can be found at

Jake Auchincloss

Jake Auchincloss, a Democrat from Newton, has begun running a commercial in the Providence media market called “A Marine’s Pledge.”

“The ad highlights his experience leading in crisis through his time commanding troops in Afghanistan and Panama, demonstrating his ability to lead the Massachusetts Fourth out of the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to a press release from his campaign.

His recovery plan can be viewed at:

Dave Cavell

Dave Cavell, a Democrat from Brookline, has rolled out a plan to institute ranked-choice voting. He said it will ensure that the voices of all voters are heard and described the current system as “flawed.”

“While I hope to win on Sept.1, I also hope I’m one of the last people elected under this flawed system,” Cavell said in a press release. “Instituting ranked choice voting, expanding vote by mail, and implementing automatic and same day voter registration are just a few reforms that I will champion in Congress to move us toward a truly democratic electoral system.”

More info:

Alan Khazei

Alan Khazei, a Democrat from Brookline, released what he called a “comprehensive plan to fix our democracy” on Tuesday.

“It calls for fundamental voting and electoral reform that puts people before politics to make our system truly of, by, and for the people,” according to a press release.

He supports a bill that promotes public financing of campaigns, guarantees automatic voter registration and the expansion of early voting, prohibits partisan gerrymandering, strengthens ethics rules, and requires financial transparency from Presidential candidates, among other changes.

Khazei wants to eliminate the Electoral College, move Election Day to the weekend and establish vote-by-mail.

The full plan can be found at

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